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Our travellers travel reports

Trip Reports

Our travellers travel reports

trip reports

Rajasthan with INDIA KARNI tn

Journey to Rajasthan with INDIA KARNI Agency

Communication friendly and with always quick reply

My first experience in India tn

My first experience in India

We were followed step by step with a very reliable assistance by drivers/guides

In Rajasthan Karni tn

In Rajasthan with Karni

We spent two nice weeks, no inconveniences, everythins was well planned and managed.

August and September in India tn

August and September in India

Car was very comfortable and the driver fantastic

Travel to India on January 2013  tn

Travel to India on January 2013

Two weeks in the North and two weeks in the South

Travel to north India with Nepal tn

Travel to north India with Nepal

Trip was excellent, hotels were wonderful, we enjoyed very much

Rajasthan by night

Trip to Rajasthan and Agra

Wonderful and very good organised trip we made through mr Karni

Fort view

Trip to India very special and very safe

The driver had a vast knowledge about all the areas we visited in Rajasthan

Indian elephant

Two Spanish couples visiting India : travel to North India

Karni India's services to cross the Rajasthan

Vacation Rajasthan

Vacation in Rajasthan - India

Amazing experience in Rajashtan & Uttar Pradesh with India Karni!

Rajasthan castle

Holiday in Rajasthan : Liliana from Italy

12 days touring Rajasthan, car and driver

Rajasthan lake

Travel to Rajasthan : Donald from Australia

Our experience with Mr India Karni and his company

Rajasthan desert tour

Rajasthan Tours

A group of 4, car and english speaking driver from Mr India Karni

India travel image

Travel to India

Twice travel with Karni agency, on Rajasthan and Nepal

Important monument in India

Holidays in India

Thank you to Mr Karni and his team for organising our trip to India

Inbdia Monument Taj Mahal

Vacations in India

2 weeks in Rajasthan, the most beautiful journey in my life from Delhi to Jaisalmer, and the world famuos monument Taj Mahal

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