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Travel to Rajasthan

Tour Id – Indiakarni 10 – Duration (14 days / 13 nights)

travel to rajasthan

Destinations includes in this itinerary :

Delhi / Agra / Fatehpur Sikri / Bharatpur / Jaipur / Ranthambore National Park / Pushkar / Udaipur / Ranakpur / Jodhpur / Osiyan / Jaisalmer / Khuri / Kheechan / Bikaner / Deshnoke / Fatehpur / Nawalgarh /Dundlod / Mandawa /Jhunjhunu / Delhi

Itinerary :

Day 1 - Arrival plus first night in the city of Delhi - When you arrive at Delhi's international airport, a member of our staff will welcome you and will assist you on your checking into your hotel, where you will spend your first relaxing night.

Day 02 – DELHI TO AGRA - 200 KM – 04.00 HOURS IN CAR
Once had breakfast, you will enjoy a morning sightsee of New Delhi. There, you will visit the Parliament House, India Gate, Bahai Temple and further renowned Delhi tourist destinations. Your guide will provide you with all the information you need concerning the destinations. In the afternoon, you will reach the city of Agra, where you will check into your hotel and spend the night.

Day 03 – AGRA TO JAIPUR – 250 KM – 05.00 HRS IN CAR
Agra / Fatehpur Sikari / Jaipur - Early wake up (at 6:00 a.m.) for a mind blowing sunrise visit to Taj Mahal. At sunrise, the light is perfect to take breath taking photos of the splendid white marble gravestone. The wonder was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, as an emblem of his endless love for her. It represents the best specimen of India's Islamic architectural style.

You will go back to your hotel, freshen up and have breakfast. Afterwards, you will reach Agra, where you will explore the place and its majestic fort, in particular. The Mughal Emperor Akbar had it constructed. Later, though, it was modified by the Emperors Jahangir and Shah Jahan. The fort comprises splendid edifices, both private and public audience rooms and formal gardens. In the meanwhile, you can also tour around the town markets where you can find Taj miniatures and many other delicacies of the place.

You will reach the town of Jaipur in the afternoon. On your way, you will stop at the wonderful city of Fatehpur Sikri, founded by Emperor Akbar and subsequently deserted. The place provides numerous splendid attractions, among which: a big mosque (Jama Masjid), a splendid edifice (Panch Mahal), and a great gate (the Buland Darwaza). Once in Jaipur, you will check into your hotel and spend the night there.

Day 04 - Amber / Jaipur - Once had breakfast, you will reach Amber Fort, 11 Km off the city of Jaipur, where you can elephant ride to the fort, which comprises several edifices and royal palaces.

Afterwards, you will have a one day tour to the town of Jaipur, which is also known as 'The Pink City', built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. You will enjoy the splendid fa?ade of Hawa Mahal Palace, the City Palace (including its museum), and the observatory in Jantar Mantar. You will have an evening walk through the streets of the city, enjoy its markets and manufactured products, artifacts, ceramics, and textiles.

Ranthambhore National Park - You will have breakfast and, afterwards, you will reach Ranthambhore. After checking into your hotel, you will enjoy an enthralling safari tour in one of the most beautiful Indian places where you can see tigers near the lakes, in the jungle or in the shadow of the Park's monuments. In addition to tigers, on your jeep safari you will see other animals, such as monkeys, various species of birds, crocodiles, leopards, squirrels, mongooses, deer, and wild boars. You will spend the night back at your hotel.

Pushkar - You will enjoy a morning safari tour around the conservation area. Afterwards, you will go back to your hotel and freshen up. Later, you will reach the city of Pushkar, where you will check into your hotel. Then, you will sightsee Pushkar Lake and the city temples, Brahma Temple included, India's only temple devoted to Brahma. Hindus consider Pushkar Lake as a most sacred one. On particular days, in fact, pilgrims come and bathe. You will spend the night back at your hotel.

Chittaurgarh / Udaipur - Once had breakfast, on your way to the city of Udaipur, you will stop at Chttaurgarh. Once in Udaipur, you will check into your hotel and refresh yourself. After lunch, you can explore the place. The city is the perfect place to find and buy traditional Rasjasthan clothing and jewels. You will spend the night back at your hotel.

Day 08 - Udaipur - Once had breakfast, you will spend the day in the city of Udaipur, where you will visit the splendid City Palace, a majestic one with amazing architectural style, Jagdish Temple, devoted to Lord Vishnu, and the local Folk Art Museum with its multicolored exhibitions of marionettes, musical instruments and pictures. You will spend the night back at your hotel.

Kumbhalgarh / Ranakpur / Jodhpur - Once had breakfast, on your way to the city of Jodhpur, you will stop at Kumbalgarh Fort and also explore Ranakpur temples, among the biggest groups of Indian Jain temples. The most renowned Ranakpur ones are Chaumukha, Neminath and Parashnath temples. Later, you will check into your hotel in Jodhpur and enjoy a tour around the old town. You will spend the night back at your hotel.

Day 10 – JODHPUR / OSIAN / JAISALMER – 310 KM – 05.00 HRS IN CAR
Osian / Jaisalmer - Once had breakfast, you will visit Jaswant Thada and sightsee splendid Umaid Bhawan Palace, including its heritage museum. You will also visit grand Mehrangarh Fort, among the biggest ones in the country. It comprises magnetic edifices and exhibits royal weapons and artifacts.

After lunch, on your way to the city of Jaisalmer, you will stop at Osiyan, an oasis surrounded by the desert with several splendid temples, both Hindu and Jain ones. Once in Jaisalmer, you will check into your hotel and spend the night there.

Khuri / Jaisalmer - You will have breakfast at your hotel and then reach the city of Jaisalmer, where you will spend the whole day. You will visit splendid Sonar Fort, a golden walled monument surrounded by the desert, and Jaisalmer Fort, with its wonderful havelis provided with balconies and finely carved windows, and the splendid havelis in the town's medieval atmosphere. On your visit to Jaisalmer, you cannot miss visiting Gadisar Lake and the neighboring museum. Afterwards, you can leave for Khuri to see its dunes and the splendor of Rajasthan desert, 50 Km off the city of Jaisalmer. You will spend the night at your hotel.

Ramdeora / Kheechan / Deshnoke / Bikaner - Once had breakfast, on your way to the city of Bikaner, you will visit Kheechan village, where every winter migratory birds (and cranes, in particular) are used to nesting. In order to be sure that they will come back next year, the locals are eager to feed them. Afterwards, you will explore Ramdeora temples, too. You will spend the day sightseeing some mind blowing attractions, parks and wildlife (birds, in particular).

Once in Bikaner, you will check into your hotel and refresh yourself. Later, you will sightsee the city, also called 'The Camel City'. Along its streets, in fact, you will see camel carts and local people wearing traditional and colored costumes and turbans. The city is also famous for its tasty and hot Indian snacks which you cannot miss tasting. You will sightsee great Junagarh Fort, erected in the XVI century and surrounded by numerous defensive bastions. You will also visit Bandeshwar Jain temples as well as Deshnoke Temple, where rats are venerated as sacred. You will spend the night back at your hotel.

Fatehpur / Dundlod / Nawalgarh / Jhunjhunu / Mandawa - You will have breakfast at your hotel and, then, reach your hotel in Mandawa. After checking in, you will sightsee the local havelis and their splendid frescos, where wealthy tradesmen used to dwell after migrating from the region, and will discover the locals' traditional ways of life. You will spend the night back at your hotel.

Day 14 – MANDAWA TO DELHI – 265 KM – 05.00 HRS IN CAR
Delhi and leaving - Once had breakfast, on your way to Delhi, you will sightsee Jhunjhunu. Once in Delhi, you will sightsee Old Delhi and city center Connaught Place.

In the evening, you will reach the airport in order to fly to your next destination.

Note - Every day you can arrange with the driver your time of departure from one place to another according to your convenience as well as to the distance from the two destinations and to length of the ride.
We recommend that you leave your hotel from 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning in order to reach another city. However, if you want to visit TAJ MAHAL, you should leave at 6:00 a.m. in winter and at 5:45 a.m. in summer for you to sightsee the breath taking monument at the break of day.

The itinerary will let you visit splendid and major heritage sites, including: -

- India Gate, President House, Parliament, Lotus Temple in New Delhi
- The tomb of Humayun, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, Red Fort and Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Old Delhi
- TAJ MAHAL (world renowned emblem of love), Agra Fort and Itmadulla in the city of Agra
- On the way to Jaipur: Fatehpur Sikri, Keoladeo Ghana National Park (also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary)
- Jaipur: Amber Fort, Elephant Safari
- Jaipur: Amber Fort, City Palace, Observatory, old Pink City, Galta and Laxminarayan Temple
- Ranthambhore: tigers and further animals in the National Park
- Pushkar: holy lake, Brahma and further temples
- On the way to Udaipur: Chittaurgarh (Victory Tower)
- Udaipur: City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Lake Pichhola, Lake Palace
- World renowned Kumbhalgarh Fort
- On the way to Jodhpur: Ranakpur , world renowned Jain temple
- Jodhpur: Meharangarh, Jaswant Thada, Ummaid Bhawan Palace, blue houses and old city
- On the way to the city of Jaisalmer: temple and village in Osian
- Jaisalmer: Loudrava, Bada Bagh, Jain temples and sunset
- Gaddisar Lake, Sonar Fort, Salim Singh ki Haveli, Patwon ki Haveli
- Jaisalmer, Thar Desert: sand dunes, camel safari and Indian characteristic villages
- Ramdeora: village, temple and Kheechan, on the way to Bikaner
- Bikaner: Junagarh Fort, Jain temple, old city, Deshnoke Karni Mata Temple (holy rats' temple)
- Fatehpur, Dundlod and Mandawa: old havelis renowned for their frescos
- Connaught Place (Delhi city center) before you leave

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