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Religious celebrations, cultural fairs, business events as camel fair

Indian festivals

Religious celebrations, cultural fairs, business events as camel fair

indian festivals

India is a country rich with colors, flavors, wonders. However, all these sensations are enhanced during its festivals and fairs.

These events are often religious celebrations. Sometimes they are business events (camel fairs, for instance). These festivals are the best way to get in contact with Indian folk traditions.

fairs schedule

Indian festivals schedule

Most important fairs : dates and calendar

Pushkar festival

Pushkar Fair

Pushkar is among the sacred cities in the state of Rajasthan

Mewar fair

Mewar Festival

The city of Udaipur is among the most popular attractions in the state of Rajasthan.

winter fair

Winter Festival

Mount Abu is a splendid destination in the state of Rajasthan.

Summer fair

Summer Festival

Mount Abu is among the most popular and visited vacation spot in the state of Rajasthan.

Teej festival

Teej fair

Teej Fair is a splendid event which is held in the name of Parvati, a goddess who is very important to the Hindu.

Rajasthan Shitala Fest

Shitala Ashtami

You cannot miss this Rajasthan festival

Fair near Jaisalmer

Ramdeora Fair

It is held in Pokhran, which is a city located in the district of Jaisalmer

Nagaur fair

Nagaur Cattle Fair

A big number of sightseers come and participate in this event

Marwar Festival Jodhpur

Marwar Festival

Important fair in the area of Jodhpur

Mahaveer Fair temple

Mahaveer Fair

Usually from March to April is held in the temple dedicated to Mahaveer

Kolayat Fair Bikaner

Kolayat Fair

Festival in Bikaner and takes place near Kolayat Lake

Keladevi Fair Karauli

Keladevi Fair

This festival is expected and celebrated by people from the whole globe

Kajli Teej tn

Kajli Teej

It is a festival typical of Bundi, although it is celebrated in whole Rajasthan

Gogamedi Fair tn

Gogamedi Fair

It is celebrated annually, in the months of August and September

Elephant Festival  tn

Elephant Festival

This event is extremely different from every other festival held in the country

Dussehra Festival tn

Dussehra Festival

Dussehra Festival is the symbol of good souls winning over bad ones

Desert Festival tn

Desert Festival

This festival is celebrated annually, in February


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