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The most visited Indian area: monuments, forts, nature, cities and the desert

A guide to Rajasthan - India

The most visited Indian area: monuments, forts, nature, cities and the desert

a guide to rajasthan india

Rajasthan is definitely the most visited Indian area because of its uncontaminated charm due to its excellently preserved forts and palaces, its history made of maharajahs and tradesmen on the silk route.

So, take advantage of Karni's itineraries and visit Rajasthan by riding a private car plus driver.

Map of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Map

With most important cities

Bikaner palaces


Palaces and forts is the fourth largest city of the Rajasthan

Jaisalmer desert


The city is a part of the Thar Desert

Jodhpur Rajasthan


The second largest city of Rajasthan

Pushkar lake


It offers temples, ghauts and a lake in a mystical rhapsody of spirituality and pious ethos

Jaipur monument


The Pink City famous for its royalty and beautiful sculptures

Udaipur city


Prominent tourist destination in the state of Rajasthan

Deshnok temple


Important temple and site of India

city near jaipur


A little city near Jaipur attract and enchant tourists

Alsisar in north of rajasthan


A little and marveillous city in the north of Rajasthan, India

Bundi castle in india


A city with a splendid fort in southern Rajasthan, India

Ancient city of india


An ancient city, a fantastic place of India

experience in india


Unforgettable experience in India, with a fantastic palace

destination in rajasthan


In the state of Rajasthan, a destination which attracts numerous tourists

heritage site in india


Wonder and incomparable heritage site

Dungarpur heritage site


Cultural heritage and rich architectural marvels in India

State of Rajasthan


In the splendid state of Rajasthan, in India

JhunJhunu west rajasthan


In the western part of India lies the state of Rajasthan

Khimsar in Rajasthan


The city of Khimsar is located in Nagaur district, in the state of Rajasthan, India


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