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India Karni car with driver, Indian travel agency
The wonders of Rajasthan, the mountains of Nepal, the beaches of Goa and much more!

A guide to India

The wonders of Rajasthan, the mountains of Nepal, the beaches of Goa and much more!

a guide to india

You will be surprised by India's beauty, its thousands of colors, respect for its own traditions, its palaces and forts, the fairy-tale atmosphere surrounding its castles and desert cities.

You will be enchanted by the wonders of Rajasthan, the traditions of Varanasi, the breath taking beauty of Jaisalmer desert city. The mountains of Nepal and Goa seashore are equally mind blowing. Thanks to Karni and his chauffeurs, you will make the most of these unforgettable experiences and will definitely fall in love with this wonderful country, that is India!

Map of India

India Map

General plan, with best cities and turistic points

Rajasthan guide

A guide to Rajasthan - India

The most visited Indian area: monuments, forts, nature, cities and the desert

Nepal guide

A guide to Nepal

Atmosphere full of profound interior beauty, splendid landscapes, millenary traditions

north india

A guide to Northern India

Fantastic places and monuments, one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

Park of India

Indian National Parks

Vast national parks which offer an impressive variety of unique species of animals, plants and flowers

further destinations

Further destinations in India

Interesting destinations which you may add to your basic itinerary

Delhi Indian Capital


Capital of India, center of the Indian tourism

Indian fair

Indian festivals

Religious celebrations, cultural fairs, business events as camel fair


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